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how to cast a love spell

Love spells are used for many reasons: to find a new love or draw a current love closer, to bring back a lost love, find a soul mate, fix a lover’s quarrel or even enhance a long-term relationship. Love spells are a form of red magic and can be gentle or powerful; they may simply suggest or flat out coerce. The degree of intensity may differ, but the ultimate goal remains the same for the spell caster. The idea of using some sort of magic to make someone fall in love with you may seem ridiculous, but there are many who consider red magic the most dangerous of all because, when properly cast, love spells have the ability to interfere with a person’s free will. With that in mind, the instructions below will guide you through the process of casting a simple love spell designed to bring love into your life from a specific person, all while causing them no harm.

Knowing how to cast love spells can be half the battle in getting that new romance going in your life. Just having lots of great love spells is only the first step, and you can find some more general techniques on how to cast a spell elsewhere. Right now, it’s specifically about that love magick.


This is a big part of knowing how to cast love spells. Do you cast a spell directed at a specific person to change their feelings, or do you stick to the generic attraction spell that is not directed at anyone in particular?

It really depends on the situation. If you are doing a spell to get someone to notice you, you’re not really manipulating their feelings, just using some magick to get their attention. Nothing wrong with that. Casting a spell on someone specific to create emotions that aren’t there? That can be trickier and can be asking for trouble later on.

Position the candle with the message in the center of the altar and fashion a heart shape from red ribbon around it. Light the candle. While the candle burns, think of your intended. Imagine your “target” standing before you in all his naked glory. If you have no specific person in mind, think about what you want in a partner. You must watch the candle the entire time it is burning.

On the other hand, a spell that’s just putting your desire for love out there for the Universe to address is the more typical approach. It means you have a better chance of finding some true love rather than manufacturing it for yourself.

Updated: February 28, 2018 — 8:57 am

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