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dark magician

dark magician trusts the foremost, his friend “Dark Magician”… …
New cards that support it are enclosed in “The dark magician after all a lot of latest support cards seem, however a replacement trump seems which will activate Quick-Play Spells and entice Cards from the hand throughout the opponent’s turn!

If you’ll be able to use magic, then you’ll become popular!” dark magician has been deceived by those words, continuing to follow dark magician within the mountains. He all over his days of coaching and helped an attractive slave woman that was attacked within the middle of his journey to town. That woman Olivia features a curse that is “cursed with dangerous feeling once pointed at favor”, and was banished from her menage due to it.

dark magician raise her to marry him. He practiced his 1st night with Olivia accepted the supply, and additionally to “rising up”, he had the aim of “making my bride happy”. Chris visited the temple to unravel the curse of Olivia, is suddenly recognized as a “Hero” by the oracle of the god of Law. due to that, Chris’s life modified fully, and suddenly gets a mansion. One day dark magician he was asked by Diane-sen, a rich person was sensible friends with Olivia.

dark magician practitioners can vouch for the very fact, that amidst all branches of sorcery, the applying of sorcery through spells isn’t solely the foremost fashionable however additionally the dark magician. once folks approach can with their individual issues, there are varied problems to be thought-about. sorcery is one in all the strongest religious forces, that is quick gaining momentum among folks across the planet. folks have come back to acknowledge the sorcery as not solely a inspiration however a dark magician once it involves handling issues in their lives and healing.

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