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full moon love spells

This full moon love spell is really potent and powerful. It is my modern remake of and older classic that is very effective spell often done during the full moon. Spells done during the full moon are very powerful because they done doing the time when your magickal powers are at their highest. Everything is aligned in the universe to make this a perfect time for doing spells. I think a lot of you will achieve success with doing this spell, so I am very please to post this full moon love spell.

However, a Full Moon is a particular important time for Witches – see here all about the Phases of the Moon and the Real Magic. This is the time when the Moon shines at all its glory and this is considered a very important Esbat (what are the Esbats? Find out here).

The ‘Witching Hour’ usually refers to the Midnight hour during a Full Moon which was always regarded as a particular potent time as the Moon is not Waxing nor Waning and midnight is considered the time between the Days- in between time in between worlds. During the Full Moon time all magic work is empowered, all magical work is fertile. Of course there are many theories about the Witching Hour. See here more.

All Goddesses can be invoked during the Full Moon however, the Mother aspect of the Goddess was more associated with the Full Moon. The Sacred Woman who has given birth or is carrying a child, the Woman that holds all potentials, the Mother that has given birth to all things.

If you are not seeing signs of love occurring in the natural world or in your dreams, perhaps it is time to take matters into your own hands. With the upcoming full moon on the 16th October 2016, what a perfect time to create a love spell. Love spells have worked for centuries to attract love and ensure it is requited. For the best result, perform these spells when the moon is full.

When casting spells for love, you must always believe that the spell will work. Doubting the power of magic will never make your wishes come true. Also, be aware that love spells cannot bewitch someone into falling in love with you – rather, a love spell performed correctly enhances your own magical energy so that you can attract the right person.

Updated: February 27, 2018 — 10:35 am

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