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The magic of witchcraft is felt by each individual in a different manner. To the blessed ones, the charge comes in a different manner. It is a moment when we feel the magic of the universe for the first time coursing through us. You experience the reality not its shadow.

When you find that there are striking similarities between what you already believe and what you find here, your confidence in your intuitive awareness shall be strengthened and you will easily communicate with others and understand them better. You need to take the following steps to learn more about how to do witchcraft’.

As already stated above, try to read every thing pertaining to witchcraft that you lay your hands upon. Your views about Wicca and Witchcraft will become clearer and stronger. When you have learnt as much as you can about the basic beliefs and tenets of witchcraft, you will be able to decide if the old ways are right for you.

It must be understood that Wicca, Paganism and Witchcraft are clearly spiritual belief systems and a way of life. Believers in Witchcraft generally work in covens and each coven develops its own system of worship, rituals and practice in Witchcraft based on the experience and beliefs of the members. You can practice witchcraft on your own without joining any coven. Even covens are not large gatherings. Sometimes a coven exceeding a membership of 13 is considered too large and is further split into smaller groups or hives. This freedom obviously allows each individual to practice the witchcraft in his own way without subscribing to any rigid dogma or regime.

There are, therefore, no hard and fast rules about how to do witchcraft.

The first step towards learning how to do witchcraft is to meet people, read books and literature on witchcraft.  This would enable you to understand the fundamentals of witchcraft as a religion.

The next step is to formulate your own independent opinion about witchcraft by listening to your intuition or gut feeling. If you feel uneasy with any group or belief system, immediately run away from it.

The service named as “How to do witchcraft on your boyfriend” and the practice of doing using it should be done by a witch, who has abandoned this world’s activities and worship the ancestors to gain the witchcraft powers. Information on witchcraft spells and ways to perform it on a person can be done only by a witch. Either you can visit a witch or an astrologer to do witchcraft on your boyfriend or you can be a witch by joining a coven. The way to perform the witchcraft is simple, but it is full of miseries and harmful activities, to avoid any harm you should take help of an expert. The following tricks will help you in performing witchcraft magic spells on your boyfriend.

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