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The good thing about the following love spell is that it also works when the cause of the break-up or the cause of the separation is due to work or study problems, for example, you have moved to another country or city because you were offered a work position there.

In your workspace, cast a circle so that you can work safely within its limits, now we are going to put the red candle in the center and light it. Using the same candle that we have already lit we are going to light the vanilla incense stick, which we will also place in the center of our circle, next to the candle.

Now write both full names, yours and your ex-lover or partner on the piece of paper. Use the red or black ink pen and place the paper next to the candle.

Remember that each of us is different, some put more effort into what they do while others only try them out of curiosity. What I mean with this, is that even if I tell you that they will work in three days, it ultimately is up to your intention and your energy, so the spells could take much longer if they work at all.

Keep this in mind so that you won’t create any counter-productive energies when you don’t see the results after just three days. Keep reading this website to find similar easy love spells that you can try for yourself.

On the pink paper, you will write your name and that of your ex-partner. Take the lemon, making sure that is fresh, and cut it into two equal halves. Try to do this as accurately as possible.

Now, fold the paper so that the names touch facing each other, pour some sugar and place it in between the two pieces of lemon. You will now tie the red thread around the lemon to hold it together.

At the time of making the knot with the thread around the lemon, focus and visualize your ex-partner re-living happy moments with you, both together again.

Now, place the lemon in the freezer and try to hide it in the back so that no one can see it. You can expect to see your ex come back to your life within a month.

Updated: February 28, 2018 — 8:26 am

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