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These situations can be tricky, because sometimes a psychic scammer has some psychic ability and uses this as leverage to pull you into a scam. They may see and reveal accurate details about your life, and then claim to also be “seeing the curse” that you have in your relationship, career, etc. Many people fall into believing that if a psychic is accurate about one thing, then they must surely be accurate about everything else (or they must be trustworthy).

Center and ground yourself first, then cast your circle.  Place the four purple candles around you, corresponding to north, east, south and west.  Light the stick of incense, and place the white candle in front of you.  Light all the candles, then clear your mind while gazing at the flame of the white candle. Now visualize your third eye (which is in the middle of your forehead, the place where your innate psychic abilities reside)  absorbing the energy of the white candle, then chant the following: “Vision of future present and past, Psychic spirit I do cast, To hear the unheard and see the unseen, Psychic powers strong and keen, I open to see all with my third eye, Psychic bonds to me I wish to tie, Unbind my spirit and my mind, So that my visions shall no longer be confined, Let my visions and dreams come before the rising sun, As I cast let my will be done, Psychic powers I invoke thee, It is done. So mote it be” Once you are done with this ritual, blow out the candles and close the circle. Take the notebook and keep it close to your bed.   Start recording any messages you might get in your dreams, as soon as you wake up. While they may seem cryptic at first, your visions and psychic messages will become stronger in the coming days, especially if you are meticulous about noting them down

Throughout the years, so many people have told me of their horror stories of paying psychic scammers for spells and cleansings or to have a so-called curse removed. I’ve seen one situation after another of people being victimized financially and emotionally.

When you are dealing with a psychic spell, there is no way to guarantee the results. For example, how can someone really guarantee to “reunite a lover?” Scammers love these types of services though because you have to pay them now for something that won’t be measurable until weeks or months later. Once you’ve realized it didn’t work, it’s too late – your money is long gone.

This is why these types of scammers often insist on receiving payments though cash or Western Union (money wires). This makes it impossible for you to get your money back. If you complain to the scammer, they avoid you or they even take it a step further, and insist that it’s a strong hex and they need more money to do more spell work. By the time you get back in touch with them to find out what happened, half of them will have changed their phone number (a common trick to avoid confrontations).

Updated: February 28, 2018 — 9:06 am

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