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The trick to successful love spells that work is that it should not be used as a tool of manipulation. It should not be to target and entrap someone to make them an emotional slave. Besides being unethical, spells that make someone fall in love with you are impractical in many ways: without the person’s consent the results are unpredictable. There are too many variables when their will is not working in accordance with your magical intent. The person may grow to resent you and his/her feelings because they’re not coming from a natural, pure place, and it can make any break up very messy with tons of baggage.

I already said that I am extremely skeptical of these claims, but I do NOT rule out absolutely the possibility that Satan could empower some practitioners of satanic arts with real power. I believe it is very unlikely but not impossible. However, one thing I can say with great confidence is that Christians do not need to fear such things. It is not possible for a Christian to be possessed by a demon. The Holy Spirit and a demon cannot occupy the same person. Christians do NOT need to fear voodoo or any other so-called black magic. I agree with your friend that it is silly and really a sign of lack of belief in God to go through some sort of burning ritual. I am not saying that it is would be wrong to pray about such a thing. It is never wrong to pray. However, we should put our faith in God, not in the power of burning a piece of wood which has no power anyway.

Love spells should be cast on yourself, and should help open you to bringing love into your life. You’d be amazed at how closed off some of us truly are to love. Negative emotions like fear, pain and too much of a desire to be in control of everything can really put up the psychic shields like brick walls. They prevent you from seeing others, and prevent others from seeing you. Sometimes we’re just so confused about what we want that we miss opportunities. Sometimes your self-esteem can be so low that you feel unworthy of love, and reject it out of hand.

Updated: February 27, 2018 — 8:03 am

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